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United For Free - Margahayuland 42 Years to Build, Margahayuland 42 Year Success Story Building. Margahayuland PT Margahayu Kingdom is a family-owned property company, initiated by Mrs. Hj. Djoeliah Purwita (late), Mr. H. Ma'sum Sudrad (late) and Drs. H. Jajat Prianta Purwita MBA, which was established in February 11, 1971. Before Margahayuland become company property, by 4 to be the founder of the above Margahayuland company engaged in construction services and general trade, but in 1979 officially changed course Margahayuland company into residential development.

In 2007, with the increasing needs of future development in the progress of time, a lot of the investror requires high-rise buildings, apartments, housing, hotels & resorts, and so forth. Currently Margahayuland Group has developed more than 40,000 residential units throughout Bekasi, Bogor, Bandung, Karawang, and Cirebon. And also has developed wings and developers have formed a group that exists throughout Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali.
Awards gained some Margahayuland 42 Years to Build

• Simple Housing Development Company of Achievement First State Savings Bank, 1984
• European Gold Star for Quality 1988 from CIEMIP, Spain
• The Gold Cup for "Leading Enterprises", 1988 from CIEMIp, Spain
• Exemplary Housing Development Company in Bandung area of ​​PT. Welfare Board, 1990
• Development Plopor Simple Healthy House (RS Healthy / RSH) from the Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure RI 2003
• Work Simple Healthy Housing Development Associate (RS Healthy / RSH from the Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure RI 2003.

Here's vision and mission Margahayuland 42 Years to Build
The company became a leading National property and reliable which focus on profitable business development through concept, design, innovative technology with emphasis on added value and satisfaction for the stakeholders.

1. Developing a profitable business portfolio through
    Strategic Business Units (SBUs) to implement the concept, design,
    Innovative and technology.
2. Managing business in a professional manner, which is based on the power
    Organization, Systems, and Human Resources.
3. Improve the welfare of stakeholders leading to
    increased motivation, commitment, and superior customer service.
Margahayuland 42 Years to Build
for those of you who are interested in or just click here reference or can call the contact and address below:
Jl. Soekarno-Hatta 638 Bandung Indonesia 40292
Tel. (022) 756 2088
Fax. (022) 756 2085
Menara Anugrah
Office Park Unit E3.3 A3
Jl. Mega Kuningan Lot 8.6-8.7
Setiabudi-Jakarta 12950
Tel. (021) 578 5254 0
Fax. (021) 578 5254 1

For a Better Commitment, We Grow - We Build - We Care.

So maybe that could be said about Margahayuland admin 42 Years Building, may be useful for all my friends and thank you.

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