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Sex Makes Women Healthy and Beautiful

United For Free - Sex Makes Women Healthy and Beautiful, Various studies on the health benefits and having sex is never dillakukan . Believe it or not , here are some of the findings generated :

Sex is a beauty treatment
Tests conducted by scientists found , when women make love , their bodies produce the hormone estrogen which makes hair shine and skin gets more and more refined .

Making love to make skin glow
Making love with a relaxed and comfortable reducing the chances of developing dermatitis , scars, and spots on the skin . Sweat produced during sex cleanses the pores , making the skin glow.

Making love burn calories
Making love will burn calories while banquet collected earlier .

Sex is a sport
Sex is a sport that is safe to do so , movements during intercourse stretching and shaping every muscle in the body .

Sex healer depression
Sex is a powerful remedy for mild depression . Endorphins are released and flow into the bloodstream when the sexual activity took place induce a feeling of joy and prosperity .

increasingly Section
The more frequent sex will increase sex appeal . Body who are sexually active will emit compounds belonging called pheromones . This is a soft perfume triggers sex drive that makes the opposite sex tasteful .

Sex and peace of mind
Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world . He said, hell , 10 times more effective than Valium .

Kiss every day healthy teeth
Kissing stimulates saliva to wash the teeth and lowers the level of acidity causes tooth decay , preventing plaque build-up .

Sex cures headaches
Lovemaking session will mengendurkani tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain .

Sex legakan nose
Having sex can loosen clogged nose . Sex is a natural antihistamine that can meningankan asthma and flu .

Sex prevent prostate cancer in men
Sex is also beneficial for men at risk of prostate cancer . According to research by the National Cancer Institute in the U.S. , as quoted in Alternative Medicine , the more frequently a man ejaculates , the lower the susceptibility to prostate cancer .

Researchers examined 29,000 men aged 46 to 81 years . Than those who ejaculated on average only seven times or less in a month , an average man ejaculate 21 times had 33 percent less likelihood of developing the disorder . However , it is not clear if the ejaculate obtained through sexual intercourse or masturbation .

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